New feature to Instagram: Co Watching!


Instagram is getting ready to bring a brand new feature for its users. The corona virus (covid-19) epidemic forces us to put social distance. It is precisely these days that social media and video chat applications are our saviors. The platforms also make it more practical to use with new developments. Co Watching, the new feature of Instagram, which has appeared recently, can be said to be based entirely on increasing the stay on the platform.

Instagram new feature Co Watching is on the way
Thanks to the new update coming to Instagram, one of the biggest social media platforms, you will be able to look at the posts simultaneously with your friends via video chat. Instagram new feature is called Co Watching.

By opening a video chat from the Instagram direct message section, you can view the photos you have saved, liked and recommended with your friends. In this respect, it can be said that it resembles a similar feature of Skype.

Update is coming for correct information sharing
There will be a panel aiming to ensure that the users above the search results reach the most accurate information as soon as possible. This section, which has an educational purpose, will enable the application users to access the resources and correct information of the World Health Organization (WHO) related to the corona virus (covid-19).

With the verified accounts, it is aimed to get the most accurate information from health authorities, to prevent information pollution and damages that may arise from this. The app has also taken a step before, by banning misleading advertisements.


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