New feature from Spotify to make it easier for users


Even though sometimes a song lyric comes to mind, it may not be possible to remember the name of the song in which the phrase is mentioned. However, a practical solution will now be available for this situation. Spotify makes use of the lyrics search feature in iOS and Android apps.

The operation of this feature is quite simple. A lyrics is typed in Spotify’s search bar and then the app displays matching results to users. There is a label “lyrics match” below the songs that are likely to be correct.

Lin Wang, who works as a designer at Spotify and is part of the team that developed the feature, shared the first screenshot of the feature.

It can be easily said that the lyric search feature will help those who have trouble remembering song names. Especially those who remember the refrain parts of the songs well, can easily get answers to the questions that are stuck in their minds.

Spotify offers the ability to search by lyrics much late compared to its biggest competitor, Apple Music. Lyrics can be searched on Apple Music since 2018. Spotify has been showing the lyrics in real time in collaboration with Musixmatch in 26 countries since last June.

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