New feature for YouTube Premium members!


Google continues to innovate for YouTube. YouTube, which has been offering a Premium membership type for a while, has started to test a new feature for Premium members. This feature allows voice searches on YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium voice search feature is being tested!

The paid YouTube Premium subscription service, which was opened 1 year ago in our country, is used by a very high user base as it is ad-free and includes the use of YouTube Music. In this period when paid content platforms are widespread, the price is considered reasonable.

Testing of a new feature in YouTube Premium has begun. With the new feature, video calls can now be made with voice commands. For now, the feature that only Premium subscribers can try, works only on the current Chrome browser.

If you are a premium subscriber, you can access the relevant page here and activate the feature via the try link under the voice search title on the web. The deadline to try the YouTube Premium voice search feature is November 20. After activating the feature, the microphone button next to the current search box becomes active.

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