New feature for Reels from Instagram: Remix


Remix feature prepared for Instagram Reels is available. Thanks to Remix, which reminds TikTok’s Duet feature, Instagram’s users will be able to combine Reels videos prepared by other users with their own content.

To remix with someone else’s Reels video, you first need to touch the menu icon. Users can save a new video on Instagram, as well as upload previously recorded videos. It also allows users to change settings such as sound, effects and playback speed. While the Remix feature is open by default, it is necessary to activate this feature one by one for old posts.

Users will be able to view Remix content created by others with their own Reels videos in the Activity tab. The Remix videos prepared will be displayed in the Reels tab in the profile.

Duet played an important role in the growth of TikTok. It would not be wrong to say that Remix is ​​a powerful and effective tool for Instagram that wants to create a similar effect with Reels.


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