New feature for Instagram messages


Following integration between apps, Instagram and Messenger are gaining a new form. Facebook will release an update to allow managing messages on Instagram in addition to the Messenger app. A new feature announcement for Instagram messages has been released. It is preparing to integrate the Messenger API, which is more preferred by businesses on Facebook, into Instagram.

New feature for Instagram messages is coming

Offering new improvements for business accounts on Instagram, Facebook is now focusing on messages. Until this new feature, business accounts on Instagram could only answer questions from customers on Instagram.

It now means businesses can now integrate their Instagram messaging and Facebook chats into the apps and workflows they already use in-house.

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Specifically, this new app, which can use photos, URL links, and more, offers new features on Instagram that will allow businesses to use the power of instant answers to frequently asked questions and also offer to connect customers to live support if necessary. In a test on this feature, businesses provide 55 percent more answers to customers’ questions.

Called Messenger API support for Instagram, this step is currently in beta and aims to focus on improving business productivity while delivering quality, personalized messaging experiences on Instagram.

The Messenger API, which was announced to be integrated into Instagram, is currently being tested with major business accounts. Among these businesses, we encounter; Popular brands such as Adidas, H&M, Sephora, Amaro, Nars, Michael Kors and Glossier are coming out. It is unknown when the beta tests will end and when they will be actively opened to each account.


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