New feature for Instagram IGTV has been released!


After the Instagram Reels feature, interest in Instagram IGTV suddenly declined. Instagram is introducing a new feature to enable this feature again. With the subtitle feature for Instagram IGTV, these videos will now reach more people.

You know, too many videos are popular on Instagram, but these videos reach fewer people when they are in different languages ​​or some accounts share private translations on Instagram. Now, Instagram is adding subtitles option for IGTV built-in.

How will the caption feature for Instagram IGTV be in practice?

Posts made on Instagram IGTV will make automatic subtitle translations in 16 languages ​​in total, thanks to an algorithm supported by artificial intelligence. With this caption feature to be added automatically, Instagram wants the videos to reach more people and be understood.

This feature, which will work in a YouTube-like system, will be added with the help of users if the video does not have audio. In other words, subtitles will be added to these videos from the settings and they can be turned on and off. From the settings section of the video, subtitle translation can be adjusted to be opened if desired, or to be captured.


This feature, which is actively used on YouTube, has been requested from Instagram for a while. Instagram also responded to the requests of the users and made this feature available. This feature also aims to make it easy for people with hearing impairments to access entertaining or instructive content.


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