New feature for Google Calendar mobile apps


Although integration on the web was provided for Google Calendar and Tasks applications, this was not the case on the mobile applications side. For users to create a task on their mobile device, Google Tasks had to run iOS or Android apps.

This situation, which gave users extra work, eventually changed. Users of Google Calendar iOS and Android applications will now be able to create new tasks through these applications. Existing tasks can also be viewed through Google Calendar’s mobile apps.

To create a new task, it is necessary to click on the “+” icon on the screen, just like creating a calendar entry. Created tasks are shown in the bar on the right side of the screen on the day they are scheduled.

It is stated that this new feature added to Google Calendar mobile applications may take a week or two to reach all users. Last year, Google made it possible to add reminders to Calendar via other G Suite apps. Integrating with Calendar on mobile devices can give Google Tasks an advantage over competing apps.


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