New feature for food videos from TikTok!


TikTok, one of the most popular social media applications of today; It stands out with its global flows and its popularity by many users. The company aims to reach even more people with this new feature, which is planned to arrive soon.

By expanding TikTok concepts, both users do not get bored during their time on the platform; and also aims to have more fun.

TikTok will help those who love to cook with this feature.

TikTok collaborated with Whisk, a recipe application that is very popular abroad for this concept. This new feature includes recipe cards and more. Basically, if you see any recipe videos on the platform, you will also have access to some kind of recipe card that will allow you to read the recipe.

It has already been liked by many users as it will help make recipes and cooking videos a little more effective in the long run. Rather than simply providing entertainment value, it is also seen as having the potential to make TikTok a hub for cooking-based content in general.

Food-based content is also very popular on other social media platforms

Recipes on other social media platforms are also among the videos that are very popular. Many users on this platform are also very happy with the arrival of new content. It was stated that the company will encourage many users to join TikTok thanks to its new feature and also aims to create more content.


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