New feature for Facebook Messenger


A new feature called Watch Together is being introduced to encourage Facebook Messenger users to take advantage of the service’s video calling facility. With this feature, users will be able to watch TV shows and other content together during video calls.

Watch Together is similar in concept to Facebook’s Watch Party feature. This feature enables a collective viewing experience on a page or group. But Watch Together seems to be a little more “intimate” compared to Watch Party. Since the joint viewing event will take place with the video call, users will also be able to see each other’s reactions.

In a group video call or Messenger Room chat, a participant will be able to select content from Facebook’s video catalog and play it for everyone in the conversation to watch. It will not be possible to watch content on YouTube or other video platforms. While Facebook announced its new feature, it did not neglect to inform that it is preparing to expand its catalog.

However, there will be another option for users. Videos uploaded by users can also be watched on Watch Together.

Facebook Messenger users meeting with Watch Together will be completed in a few weeks.

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