Here is a new feature from Facebook: Help the neighbor


Facebook has developed a tool to connect supporters and supporters during the Corona virus pandemic. As the Corona virus spreads around the world, Facebook is preventing unconfirmed information. In addition, it tries to prevent unfair competition by doing price research for basic needs such as hand sanitizer.

The company launched the “Community Help” feature on Tuesday. Facebook explained its new feature: “We open the way for them by supporting people to volunteer to distribute food, to create a local food store and donate to people. We created a charity community for those who want to ask or help neighbors. ” said.

Facebook, the new tool, in the next few days; It will be available in the US, UK, France, Australia and Canada. The company also said that it wants to expand to more regions from now on.

What can be done with the Facebook Community Help feature?
You can check the size of the area where you want to see offers. The size ratio; You can choose 10 km, 25 km, 50 km or 100 km.

There is a category filter in the sidebar. Users can choose their supplies from here. Categories: baby supplies, food, information, transportation and more.

After making your settings, Facebook shows the offers and requests near you. When you click “ask for help” or “ask for help”, a window opens.

You can also check the privacy settings of your post. As with your regular Facebook account, posts can be made visible to “public”, “friends of friends” or only “friends”.

You can choose one of the communication channels to be on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

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You can also donate from the fundraising panel.


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