The New Feature to Digital Balance Will Examine Users’ Sleeping Habits


Reviewing the APK of the Digital Balance application owned by Google, 9to5Google has unveiled a new feature to come to the application. Accordingly, the application will be able to make suggestions to solve the sleep problems of the users and identify the applications used before sleeping.

The Digital Balance application owned by Google and running on the Play Store tries to reflect the data of your interaction with your smartphone in the most accurate way possible. Thanks to the application, you can access the details of the time you spent on the phone, and plan yourself to spend this time in a more valuable way.

According to the news of 9to5Google, Digital Balance application will add a very nice feature in the near future. According to the 9to5Google team, who examined the app’s APK, Digital Balance will soon have a feature that can answer why you have trouble sleeping at night.

It will show the source of sleep problems:
According to the reviewed APK, Google will gather the usage data of smartphones and try to find problems that may cause you to experience sleep problems within the application. Of course, we cannot know how accurate these problems are, but at least an idea will be given to the user.

According to the information in the source code of the application, the new feature will be a part of the Bedtime Mode that will come to the application. What will Bedtime Mode add to the application offer to the user? According to Digital Information World, this feature will launch a meter when the phone is not in use, and examine the sleep patterns of users.

Of course, Google will first get your permission to collect this data. The app will ask for permission to use other apps, time zone data, light and motion sensors, and more. Then, by using all these data, it will be possible to obtain information about which applications the user uses most in bed.

Although all these features have been identified in the source code of the Digital Balance app APK, this does not mean that the features will be published strictly. Since Google hasn’t officially said these features yet, we don’t yet know when the features will be active or not.


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