New feature announced for Ghost of Tsushima


A new feature has been announced for Ghost of Tsushima, a samurai-themed game developed by Sucker Punch. With this future feature, we will be able to make friends with artificial intelligence.

Ghost of Tsushima will offer us dogs as friends

A new feature has been announced with the upcoming 1.1 version. In the game we will be able to tame the dogs and then use them as our allies. In the tweet published by the developer team, we will be able to use this feature only in New Game + mode. This is a little strange, after all, what player wouldn’t want to have these dogs the first time they play?

Also, update 1.1 adds a new trader to the New Game + mode, selling new powerful charms, a new horse, special paints, and flashy items.

The update will come for free on October 16th.

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