New fairy tales from the new Borderlands developer are a gift and a curse


While it may not be as popular as “The Walking Dead” or “The Wolf Among Us,” Tales from the Borderlands was one of the best examples of Telltale Games’ stellar writing. The game takes place on the planet Pandora and its surroundings. The game has added a truly memorable story and characters to a world that is much more loved for its loot-based development and unique artistic style. When the project was announced, there were a lot of puzzled faces, so when a new story with the appropriate title “New Tales from the Frontier” was presented at Gamescom 2022, it was certainly a relief for the publisher of 2K that fans were glad that the sequel finally got the green light.

However, despite the fact that it bears the name of its predecessor and will be narrative-oriented in the same spirit, a lot of changes have been made to the formula that players liked in 2014. A brand new cast is combined with a completely different developer. Gearbox Software is taking over the reins this time, which has caused quite a few surprises for a number of reasons, since it provides exciting features, but has several potential drawbacks. The charm of Telltale Games will be difficult to reproduce, but its flaws can easily be completely eliminated.

The magic of fairy tales from the Borderlands

While “The Walking Dead” was a gorgeous dark story centered around one man’s desperate need to protect someone he came to cherish, Tales from the Borderlands was completely different, showcasing the vast writing range of Telltale Games. It was a delightful romp through a harsh, unforgiving world filled with heartfelt moments and lots of moments worthy of laughter. He easily captured the tone of his parent series Borderlands and introduced Pandora to characters who can rival the legacy of Handsome Jack in both performance and execution.

Mechanically, it was based on the same principles that won the hearts of Telltale Games fans, with a point-and-click format decorated with unobtrusive quick events and easy research. In five chapters released over the course of almost a calendar year, players meet Hyperion’s puppet Rhys, the fearless and noble Fiona and Gortys, a supremely sweet, unassuming android who can be the key to fulfilling all the desires of the former. The supporting characters are equally fantastic, and the story being told uses a Borderlands toy box enough to seem familiar, but isn’t afraid to make its own way. It’s special in many ways, so the announcement of New Tales from the Borderlands wasn’t necessarily a big surprise.

The gift that the gearbox brings

Gearbox Software has been a household name for video games for many years, and its roots are firmly rooted in the genre of first-person shooters. A catalog that includes games with Duke Nukem and Alien licenses, Borderlands is undoubtedly his most successful and beloved intellectual property, starting its journey in 2009 before becoming truly great with its sequel in 2012. The studio had a busy 2022 with Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The critically acclaimed arrival in the spring and the announcement of the next installment of Tales from the Borderlands demonstrates the commitment to the franchise that made it such a success.


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