New extension shows companies are collecting their data


In the past few days, a new extension available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers is giving the talk. That’s because the plugin called Big Tech Detective shows how big tech companies are connected to different websites and services that users access daily.

The extension is part of a project by the American organization Economic Security Project and aims to alert about the dominance of companies, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft and prevent the giants from tracking the user while surfing online.

According to the initiative’s website, the extension detects whether companies are collecting navigation data or even if the website accessed by the user is hosted on servers connected to big techs.


Tilt tested the extension for an hour and browsed different websites. Of the 11 sites visited, 64% had some connection with Google. Facebook and Amazon were connected to 45% of the addresses accessed. Even without going to Amazon-specific service sites, Jeff Bezos’s company is still widely accessed as it offers hosting services and data storage in the cloud. Microsoft offers the same services.

During the test, at least 80% of the sites accessed were blocked, including news sites, blogs and even platforms from public agencies such as the Ministry of Economy and Central Bank. The initiative, however, states that the purpose of the tool is not to accuse big techs, but to educate users.

The extension can be downloaded from the official website.