New explanation for user security from Zoom!


As you know, Zoom has become the world’s most popular video and audio speech application with the coronavirus epidemic. The sought-after application of online calls was having problems with the “end-to-end encryption” feature, especially as it was free and easy to use. Here Zoom has made a new statement for user safety.

Clarification for Zoom user safety

Used by 300 million users and home to millions of active users, Zoom faced charges of data security and user data leakage. According to the agreement with the Federal Trade Commission, things are changing.

Zoom kullanıcı güvenliği için açıklama

Here is the statement made by Zoom Video Communications as follows:

“As Zoom, our top priority is the safety of our users. We take this sense of trust towards us every day seriously and constantly improve our security and privacy programs so that we can keep them together all the time during the global shaking process caused by the pandemic.

We are proud of the progress we have made on our platform. We are already taking action on the problems identified by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). What we conclude with the FTC today is based on our commitment to continue innovation and development for the platform we offer while providing a secure video communication experience to our users. ”

According to this statement, Zoom will carry out new studies on the security of user data. To remind you, Zoom has gained over 400 percent share in a year.

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