New explanation about the Apple and Fortnite war!


As the Apple and Fortnite war continues, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney made new statements. Stating that they are fighting for freedom, the CEO stated that they do not go this way for money.

New explanation about the Apple and Fortnite war!

Recently, Apple and Google’s removal of Fortnite mobile version from their app stores had a big impact. The main reason for this reaction was the integration of the Epic Games payment system into in-game purchases within Fortnite with the latest update.

The fact that V-Bucks, which are defined as in-game money, were directed to purchase directly from the Epic Games website instead of the App Store and Google Play Store, made Apple and Google quite angry with approximately 30 percent profit from each sale. This situation resulted in the removal of the game from mobile stores.

On top of all these events, Epic Games sued two big tech giants. Epic Games even published the message “Join the fight so that 2020 does not turn into 1984,” referring to Apple’s 1984 Macintosh ad, which made a huge impact in the world.

Today, CEO Tim Sweeney made annotations to this message. In a statement made on Twitter, he explained that this struggle is for the freedom of people, in the simplest terms.

As it is known, the biggest support for Epic Games’ struggle against Apple came from Spotify and Facebook.

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