New experiences on LG 2021 TVs with Magic Remote


LG introduced webOS 6.0 for its 2021 model OLED, QNED Mini LED, NanoCell and UHD Smart TVs. According to the company, the latest version of the Smart TV platform paired with the new Magic Remote offers viewers a more enjoyable and intuitive content discovery experience.

Featuring LG ThinQ AI technology, webOS 6.0 supports new voice commands for both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, making it easier than ever to manage TV, streaming services, search internet and broadcast channels. Knowing webOS, users will immediately notice the redesigned home screen to meet the needs of greater usability and changing content consumption habits of viewers.

The new home screen provides faster access to the most frequently used apps, facilitating content discovery with recommendations based on user’s preferences and viewing history. The new home screen, displayed in full screen to show preferred content and related information at a glance, acts as a hub for settings and the larger webOS ecosystem.

WebOS 6.0 to be used more efficiently with Magic Remote

Magic Remote offers simpler controls when using voice recognition with LG’s multiple AI options, LG ThinQ, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Offering users the easiest Smart TV experience with its motion sensor feature, the new Magic Remote provides faster connection between the TV and other devices. Additionally, Netflix offers more user-friendly features, including hotkeys to access popular content providers like Amazon Prime Video. Magic Tap, the one-touch NFC function on the Magic Remote, provides instant access to many exciting viewing possibilities. Viewers can share content from their phone to the TV or vice versa by simply tapping an NFC-enabled smartphone to the remote control.

Users can continue to use their favorite smartphone apps and features while viewing content stored on their mobile phones on their LG TVs. Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence technology, voice TV control and Magic Remote, viewers just have to give a voice command to get the information they need.

Magic Explorer, an enhanced version of LG’s Magic Link, offers informative content about what is shown on the screen. This way, viewers can learn more about the actors, venues and other interesting items in the movies and shows they watch. The contextual feature also changes the color of the cursor when there is information to be shared in Magic Explorer, providing the easiest and easiest access experience for products that appear on selected broadcast channels and LG TV services, including Live TV, Gallery, Settings and TV Guide. What’s more, the new ‘Next Choices’ feature analyzes viewers’ preferences to discover more content to suit their tastes. Using the ability to view historical data, the Next Selections feature suggests two live shows from broadcast or set-top box options, as well as a content or app that viewers may like.

“The latest version of our user-friendly open source TV platform webOS 6.0 represents the most important update since we first launched webOS in 2014,” said Park Hyoung-sei, President of LG Home Entertainment Systems. With the new version of webOS, LG is demonstrating its commitment to providing services, products and technologies that meet the needs and wishes of our valued customers. ” He spoke in the form.

LG’s latest TVs with webOS 6.0 feature will be on display at LG’s virtual exhibition booth at CES 2021 from January 11th.


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