New era on Netflix: succumbing to tradition


It was thought that the digital streaming platform Netflix had changed the traditional viewing habits, but Netflix broke into tradition and started streaming tests in real time.

Netflix, the boss of the digital media industry, started testing the ‘Direct’ feature, which broadcasts like a traditional television channel in France. Broadcasting in real time, Direct targets users who have a hard time finding something to watch.

Netflix, which started its adventure as a postal DVD service, has grown rapidly over time and has become the giant of the broadcasting industry. This incredible growth of Netflix has even reshaped the television industry. However, it seems that the company, which has strengthened its power by taking the biggest actors of the industry from television screens and incorporating them into its own structure, is returning to the traditional TV model.

According to the news in Somagnews, the digital media giant, which takes into account the wishes of people and develops new features, started to test a new feature in France earlier this month. This feature, called ‘Direct’, will broadcast in real time just like traditional TV channels. The company targets users who cannot decide what to watch together with this new feature.

What is Netflix’s new feature ‘Direct’ tested in France?

Netflix Direct, which has been tested only with a certain number of users in France for now, will stream pre-prepared Netflix content in real time. When users click the new ‘Direct’ tab in the menu, a pre-programmed version of popular movies, TV shows and documentaries will appear.

The broadcast in Direct will not be private and a continuous stream will welcome users. So you will be able to watch the content here in real time, just like a regular TV channel, without even the rewind option.

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France is one of Netflix’s most important markets with 9 million subscribers, but watching television is still very popular in the country. People in the country want to have the option to view content on the service without having to choose what to watch. This explains the underlying reason why Netflix is ​​testing the ‘Direct’ feature in France.

The feature, which will be available throughout France next December, only works on the web version of Netflix. In other words, French users will not be able to watch ‘Netflix Direct’ via the mobile application or TV application.


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