New era in the robot vacuum cleaner market: Lydsto R1


The fact that we have been spending more time at homes for almost 2 years due to the development of technology and the coronavirus epidemic has increased the need for vacuum cleaners. Frequent cleaning to keep the living environment clean can sometimes become very tiring, and robot vacuum cleaners such as Lydsto R1 come to our rescue in this regard.

Technologies such as 3D TOF, which will become standard in the upcoming period, will provide a much smoother mobility and make it easier to detect obstacles for the broom. Recently, many smart robot vacuum cleaners are taking place in the market. Although the products released by brands such as Irobot, Ecovacs, Proscenic can clean automatically, you should empty the dust bag when it is full.

Lydsto R1 stands out with its features and price

These products usually do not contain any additional accessories other than the charging station. If you say I do not want to empty the bag every time the robot is full, you should choose a model with a dust collection station. The brands sell the dust collecting station as an additional accessory, and when you look at the general collection, you can see prices up to $ 1000.

In this context, the long-awaited need for affordable products was answered by two brands: These are the extremely affordable Lydsto and Roidmi with a unique powder sterilization function.

The Lydsto robot vacuum cleaner does not only automatically and quickly evacuate the dirt accumulated in the dust box, it can continue to sweep continuously by quickly detecting the obstacles around, as well as the ability to collect high-level dust and adjust the water outlet.

The robot and the dust collector are sold in a package with a price tag of $ 350.


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