New Episode Trailer of Hulu TV Series Into the Dark Has Been Released


The trailer of the new episode of the Hulu series Into the Dark, called ‘The Current Occupant’, has been released in October 2018. In the episode that will meet Hulu’s audience on July 17, we will witness the experiences of a man imprisoned in a mental hospital.

The Hulu series, Into the Dark, which was released for the first time on October 5, 2018, has managed to become one of the productions that draw attention with different stories and different characters in each episode. The series, which has a format where approximately 90 minutes of episodes are released once a month, completed its first season on September 6, 2019 after 12 episodes.

After putting the second season approval in his pocket, the first trailer was released from the episode of the drama series, which will return with its new season on October 4, in July. This episode with the theme of American Independence Day, directed by Julius Ramsay, will meet the audience on Friday, July 17 on Hulu screens.

Into the Dark: The Current Occupant trailer:

In this section written by Alston Ramsay; A man without a memory trapped in a creepy mental hospital is beginning to suspect that he is actually the President of the United States. In this episode called “The Current Occupant”, we will witness the mental health efforts of this man who believes he is a demonic political conspiracy subject.

Among the leading roles in The Current Occupant are names such as Barry Watson, Sonita Henry, Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, Lilli Birdsell, Kate Cobb, Ezra Buzzington and Joshua Burge. While the director of the episode is Julius Ramsay, whom we know with productions such as The Walking Dead, The Purge and Outcast, we see Alston Ramsay, who wrote the script of Midnighters on the scenario side.

This month’s episode of Into the Dark, which comes to the audience with a new episode with different stories and different characters every month, will be released on July 17. The episode, The Current Occupant, can be watched on the video platform Hulu.


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