New End-of-Halloween Photos Give A Better Look At Lori Strode and Michael Myers’ Showdown


Autumn is rapidly approaching, along with the month of October. The season of panic is approaching, and what better way to celebrate than by checking out the new images of Jamie Lee Curtis Laurie Strode and Michael Myers in the upcoming Halloween endings?

Halloween Ends completes a trilogy of reboot sequels that began with Halloween 2018, followed by the Halloween Murders of 2021. The trilogy is a sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 cult film, also called Halloween. The film was revolutionary for its time, launching the career of Scream Queen Curtis and spawning many sequels (some of which are considered of higher quality than others). This trilogy, however, chose to refrain from sequels and considered only the original Halloween canon, which means that Curtis’s Laurie Strode had not dated Michael Myers for forty years by the time of Halloween 2018.

New photos published exclusively by Total Film show the long-awaited confrontation between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. In some photos, Myers is standing menacingly on the stairs and in the hallway with a bloody knife in his hand. Another photo also shows Myers reaching for Strode, who looks defiant when a masked man approaches her. “By the time you meet Laurie Strode, she’s already been helped,” Curtis tells Total Film, “it’s a great place to start a really tragic event.” , an incredibly violent ending.”

Recently it became known that “Halloween Ends” will be released in “Peacock” on the same day it is released in theaters. This move is sure to attract viewers to the Peacock streaming service, where horror fans and Halloween fans will be as loyal as they are. Laurie Strode seems to be fighting for her life, as always, but will the eternal and final girl leave for the last time?

Interestingly, John Carpenter recently hinted that Halloween may not be the end of the franchise. The idea of the franchise implied that the film could have a sequel if this new part brought enough money — that’s the job of Hollywood. But by revealing this, did Carpenter inadvertently reveal that this part could end badly for Laurie Strode? It’s hard to say. The rebooted “Halloween” has established that Michael Myers was in a catatonic state for about 40 years before he went on a rampage again, so a prequel is unlikely, but not impossible, if the writers decide to somehow change this narrative choice.

It’s possible that the franchise could continue after Laurie Strode’s death—after all, it’s already happened. Perhaps Allison, Laurie’s granddaughter, could eventually take over the reins of the franchise. Or the franchise could plunge back into supernatural waters, making Michael Myers a creature of the night who will rise from the dead again, as has happened before in the franchise. In addition, there is even a possibility (though unlikely) to turn the next film into an anthology with different characters, like the infamous “Halloween 3: Season of Witches”. Fans just have to wait until Halloween is over to see if there’s any sequel on the horizon.

“Halloween Ends” is released in theaters and on Peacock on October 14, 2022.


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