Microsoft: New Emojis From Microsoft May Not Make It To Windows 10


Microsoft released a new emoji package for Windows 11 recently, which brings an updated design to the operating system’s stickers. While the novelty annoyed some users by breaking the promise that the designs would be three-dimensional, other news on the subject should infuriate people even more: the new figures may be exclusive to the company’s new OS and won’t make it to Windows 10.

According to the website Windows Latest, Microsoft has no intention of releasing the new emojis on Windows 10. However, the specialized portal points out that the company may change its mind in the future. With that in mind, it may be that the case is just a “temporary exclusivity”.

Microsoft’s new batch of emojis brings a fresh look to Windows 11 reaction pictures, which can be accessed easily with the Windows Button + Period key shortcut. The main highlight of the package is the updated edition of Clippy, the company’s iconic mascot, to function as a paper clip.

While new emojis were left out of Windows 10, OS users don’t have to worry about migrating to the new OS edition. According to Microsoft, the software will be supported until the year 2025.

Windows 11 was released by Microsoft in October and is now available as a free upgrade to Windows 10. However, thanks to the demanding requirements of the new generation of software, not everyone is adopting the revamped edition these days.