New emojis for iOS 14: Girlfriends, bears


We have been talking for days about all the changes that iOS 14 offers to your Apple terminal and this has only just begun. We have seen functions of all kinds that will surely help you in your day to day, but there are others that remain to be discovered, such as the one we tell you below.

So are the new emojis that iOS 14 brings

The different programs that operate on your smartphone also need to be updated to improve their functions. They are also important so that each improvement provides a security plus and avoids errors that reveal your personal data or your conversations. But today we talk about those extra features that will arrive with iOS 14, including new emojis.

Among the new list that the emojipedia has published we see that there are a total of 72 new emoticons to choose from. Animals, new faces, objects and actions come together in these new graphic expressions that will appear on your future smartphone. If we take a look at the faces it brings us, they are very funny. On the one hand we have one that recovers one of the most well-known signs of humor and disguise: a face with the typical glasses with a nose and a mustache. We also have another happy woman who has a tear escaping, a sign of resignation in some cases that says that you are sad but you have to put on a good face.

We also find other emojis of people in iOS 14 and it is that ninjas will appear for the first time. The genders will also be changed when putting a boyfriend or girlfriend in addition to men and women giving a baby a bottle. The hats of Santa Claus also arrive, something that augurs the imminent arrival of Christmas. Nor do we get confused with the gestures where the hugs finally arrive, as well as that of the fingers placed next to the big toe so typical of Italy.

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Among other novelties we find others such as the organs where there is a heart and lungs. The animals add up to twelve incorporations among which the dodo, seals, mammoths, worms and flies stand out among them. The novelties also arrive in the objects and the food, where there is green pepper cheese fondue, stuffed olives, bubble tea, skates, cabins, pliers or ladders. Also noteworthy is the presence of the trans flag as a new addition to equalize genders.


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