New emojis coming to iPhones with iOS 14.2


The latest iOS beta versions always give iPhone owners a clue of what to expect. It is seen with the latest beta version that the iOS 14.2 update brings some innovations especially for those who like to use emoji.

According to the news of Emojipedia, the emoji library of iPhones will expand a little more with iOS 14.2. Among the new emojis, there are options such as ninja, bubble tea, mother and father feeding a baby with a bottle.

Apple has shown some of the emojis it plans to present to its users with the transition to iOS 14 in the past months. The company has also announced that its new emojis will be more “inclusive” in terms of diversity. Among the emojis that will be presented with iOS 14.2, the options such as “woman in tuxedo” and “man in wedding dress” show that the company is serious about this promise.

It can be said that Apple’s new emojis have increased diversity on the animal side as well. Emojis such as flies, cockroaches, mammoths and seals can also be used with iOS 14.2.

With iOS 14.2, there is still a little time for end users to meet. IOS 14.2, whose second developer beta has just been released, is not expected to be released before 2021.

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