New emoji of the year 2020 has been approved!


New studies continue to be carried out on many issues related to the pandemic process that continues in 2020. Now the details of the work done on new emojis have emerged. A newly designed emoji seems to be approved as a 2020 emoji. Apparently, this emoji will be delivered to users as an example used to express the year 2020.

2020 emoji designed to express the year 2020

Details of the new emoji have recently emerged, approved by the Unicode Consortium. The new emoji eyes are called a rounded face. Although it may seem difficult for the new emoji to be used before 2021, there are statements that it can be used to express the chaos in 2020.

2020 emojisi

It is stated that the new emoji will also be designed for emojis that indicate gender. In fact, there were emoji with eyes designed as x, which were previously used by Microsoft and Google. It should be noted that this emoji is likened to the emoji that was previously in use.

As mentioned before, the new 2020 emoji will be available under the new Unicode, which will be completed in 2021. A clear decision on its name is expected until then. Although the name of 2020 will not be mentioned directly, it is expected to be a use in this direction.


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