New Elven Ring updates are on the way, FromSoftware confirms


Developer FromSoftware says that Elden Ring will receive more updates in the future. A fantastic epic with an open world takes players to the Inter-Lands, where they must claim the title of Elder. Since the launch, several Elden Ring patches with strengthening and weakening have adjusted the balance of the soul-like name, and apparently new changes will appear in the near future.

After its release, Elden Ring was praised for its huge open world, exciting story and deep role-playing mechanics. However, several post-launch updates have further improved the title by introducing new useful mechanics. For example, after the Elden Ring update, non-player characters that players encounter are now added to the game map, which greatly simplifies the passage of storylines and returning to certain characters. Many balance updates released since launch have also strengthened or weakened key items and bosses that were deemed too weak or too strong. In a recent update to the Elden Ring multiplayer feature, a sound effect has been added when summoning signs appear, helping players to call for help, even if the summoning sign is difficult to see.

An interview with FromSoftware President Hidetaka Miyazaki, conducted by 4Gamer and translated by Twitter user Nibel, shows that new updates to Elden Ring are being prepared. The massive role-playing game was launched back in February, but it seems obvious that FromSoftware is still working on making the beloved game even better. The size of these future updates is not specified, so Miyazaki can talk about additional fixes and updates to adjust the balance of the game. However, future updates to Elden Ring could potentially come in the form of larger DLC additions. Only time will tell what FromSoftware decides to add to Lands Between next time.

Many fans are waiting for another adventure in Lands Between, and the Elden Ring DLC can answer riddles that have never been revealed in the main game. One particularly popular theory is that the Elden Ring DLC will explore three colosseums scattered across various regions of the Midlands. These massive structures are never explored in the game, but the dataminers revealed their fully modeled interiors. These colosseums may contain new multiplayer content or may simply contain powerful DLC bosses that players may encounter. The god Mikella may also be the focus of the Elden Ring DLC, as he plays a large role in the game’s entourage, but never physically appears.

Despite the fact that another game is in development, FromSoftware seems determined to support Elden Ring in the future. Additional patches and updates can continue to improve the balance of the game, and a full-scale expansion can bring players to completely new regions of the Inter-Earth. Whatever FromSoftware is preparing, Elden Ring fans are looking forward to new content and significant changes in the fantasy epic.