New Elven Ring trailer featuring Israel Adesanyi from the UFC


A new Elden Ring game trailer has been released, starring Israel Adesanya from the UFC. It’s been more than four months since FromSoftware launched its open-world game and achieved huge success, but the studio is already looking to the future with presumably several new FromSoftware projects in the works, including one that may be in the final stages of development. However, fans still hope that DLC may appear for Elden Ring in the near future.

In a much shorter period of time, Elden Ring has gained the largest player base among all similar FromSoftware Souls games to date. There are many famous personalities scattered in this wide circle of players who were also fascinated by the Intermediate Lands. From Post Malone to WWE star Randy Orton, quite a few celebrities have taken the time to share their experiences as Tarnished. Even Elon Musk has repeatedly tweeted about Elden Ring and even shared his build with the community.

The last star to support Elden Ring came from the UFC world with a new trailer featuring the reigning middleweight champion Israel Adesanyi. Released by Bandai Namco and titled “Be Sharper than Their Swords,” the one-minute trailer focuses on the many accolades that the open-world FromSoftware game has accumulated since launch, and also serves as a somewhat inspiring tale of overcoming many challenges in the Lands Between.

This is not the first marketing ploy used to sell an open-world FromSoftware game. Shortly after the game’s debut, Ming-Na Wen starred in an Elden Ring trailer to promote the launch of the game. This latest promotional material appeared almost four months ago, and at first it confused some fans who hoped that a new marketing move would announce the upcoming launch of DLC.

The quality of Elden Ring is indicated by the fact that almost a third of a year has passed since its initial release, and it remains popular enough that publishers still believe that it makes sense to continue promoting it from a financial point of view. If DLC is in development, then in 2022, most likely, the excitement around the Elden Ring will not end, especially if it matches the quality of some other respected Soulsborne add-ons released over the past decade. including DLC for Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. Perhaps this latest trailer is a signal that there may actually be another marketing push to promote the launch of new Elden Ring content.