New editor for the Google Photos Android app


Google Photos Android app is also taking its share from the machine learning renaissance in Android. Some of the innovations that will be presented with the support of artificial intelligence in the application were shared at the short event where Pixel 5 was introduced.

Google primarily plans to improve its existing auto-improvement feature with machine learning algorithms. In this way, it is said that users will be offered special development opportunities for the visuals they are working on.

Users will be able to add brightness, contrast and portrait effects to their photos with a single tap. Enhance and Color Pop filters that will make them possible will be released within a few months. For those who choose to manually edit their photos, the design of the editor has been changed. The editor is now located in a scrollable bar at the bottom of the screen.

Google Photos also introduces a new lighting feature for the Android app called Portrait Lighting. Thanks to this feature, light and shadow can be applied to a photograph taken at different levels and positions. It is worth mentioning that, unlike the name of Portrait Light, it is not used only in portrait mode photos. However, this feature can only be used on Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G in the first place.


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