New Edge for Xbox brings Google Stadia to consoles


Microsoft is working to launch the new version of Edge for Xbox, which may also bring full support for Stadia on the line’s consoles. According to information from The Verge, the browser will work similarly to the version present in Windows 10, which is based on Chromium and brings optimizations to Google’s streaming service.

The new edition of Edge for consoles is available on a limited basis to some alpha users of the Xbox Insiders program. According to journalist Tom Warren, who gained access to the program, the updated version still has bugs, but already allows access to Stadia on Microsoft consoles.

Although Stadia is compatible with the new browser for Xbox, the experience with the service on the consoles is not the best today. Like the old version of Edge, the new edition still has certain limitations that make navigation difficult and hinder the use of services on the web.

Usage limitations

According to reports published on Twitter, the new Edge still does not have full support for mouse and keyboard during navigation. With that, it is not possible to use the peripherals to control the gameplay in Stadia.

The use of the controller in both versions of Microsoft Edge for consoles is also limited. Currently, the Xbox joystick can only be used on the Edge to control the mouse pointer, which prevents the use of the accessory to play directly in the browser.

One of the alpha users who tried to play Stadia on the Xbox also reported that the Google service control cannot be connected with the session started on the console. Therefore, in the early development stage of Edge for Xbox One and Series X / S, it is practically impossible to play on the cloud platform that competes with xCloud.

Microsoft is expected to bring improvements to the new Xbox Edge with the release of more stable versions. So far, however, the company has not provided details on features that will come to the program in the future.


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