New “earthquake notification” for EMUI 11 from Huawei


While Huawei continues to work on new models, it also continues to offer new features on the mobile interface EMUI 11 side. Earthquake notifications, which we encountered on the MIUI side, which is Xiaomi’s interface last year, are now coming for Huawei. In addition to the Huawei earthquake notification, there is also a video alarm system.

Huawei earthquake notification is currently only in China

Earthquake is the truth of the world. Earthquakes, which are among the most encountered natural disasters, caused us to suffer great losses in Izmir in the past days. After that, eyes turned to applications that would work in the earthquake. China-based Huawei also announced a feature that is currently only available in China. Huawei is basically based on sending notifications for earthquakes in the vicinity along with earthquake notifications.

Huawei deprem bildirimi

In the first place, the feature, which was put into use in the Sichuan region in China, is said to be expanded in terms of usage area in the following days. In addition, a video alarm system has also come with EMUI 11. This feature allows users to video call the police when faced with an emergency. The feature is also currently limited to Guangdong province.

It is possible to say that these features are very useful, so it seems that they will be available in more regions in the coming days.

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