A New Drug Can Block Cancer Resistant Cells


Even though cancer treatment, which has a fully effective effect, has not been produced, progress is being made. A new drug developed can prevent cells that are immune to cancer treatment.
Nowadays, many cancer treatments are very good at the beginning. However, after the resistance of the tumors, drugs lose their effectiveness. In order to prevent this problem, researchers are developing new methods of treatment that can prevent tumors from gaining resistance.

One of these treatment methods is called BOS172722. This method increases the effectiveness of paclitaxel chemotherapy, which is used in animal tests for the most dangerous breast cancer type, ‘triple negative breast cancer’. The treatment of human tests continues today. If this method works, it will be used in cancer types such as liver and ovarian cancer.

Paclitaxel chemotherapy, like other chemotherapies, works by destroying rapidly dividing cells. Paclitaxel interferes with the cell division process and reveals chromosomal abnormalities. However, surviving cells can become resistant to this method.

BOS172722 also intervenes in the same way, but it does so in a different way. It targets and blocks the protein called MPS1, which plays a key role in the cleavage. When these two things are combined, there is such a force that no cancer cell survives. Therefore, the cells no longer gain resistance.

Although there are some side effects of the drug, one of the main objectives of the study is to find the safest dosage. At present, there is no alternative treatment that can treat the patient if paclitaxel fails. Therefore, this study is of great importance.

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