New Drama Teaser Solves Mystery About Nicky And Rebecca


This Is Us, the successful family drama created by Dan Folgeman, is scheduled to return to fan screens next Tuesday, January 4, 2022 on NBC, with the premiere of the first episode of the sixth and final season of the series that has had everyone hooked, with the fascinating story of the Pearsons. (Season 6 spoilers)

Since season 5, This Is Us fans have been intrigued when they saw through a flashforward, Uncle Nicky in the future sitting by the hospital bed while Rebecca is on her deathbed. This scene has made everyone think that they were married at that time and therefore they also wonder where Miguel is who is not present.

This has become one of the biggest mysteries of This Is Us, and while season 6 will take care of answering all the doubts, the new teaser released last week reveals the reason why Nicky is sitting next to Rebecca in the bed and also wearing a wedding ring. Somehow, the video could be solving this strange scene.

In This Is Us not everything that appears to be is reality. In the exclusive TVLine video, Tobby is shown talking long distance to Kate, and while congratulating her on her birthday, reveals to fans that Miguel, Nicky, and Rebecca are living together in the same house, apparently getting along quite well. .

This is where he could be explaining the reason why Nicky is next to Rebecca in the future of This Is Us, although the scene in this preview focuses on the beginning of the marital problems between Toby and Kate after congratulating her. According to Toby, as part of his birthday he prepared as a gift for Nicky, Rebecca and Miguel who live together to take their children home while Kate relaxed.

Regarding Miguel’s absence in the flashforward, it is likely that by the time he was already dead. And as for Nicky wearing the wedding ring, it’s possibly a sign of his platonic love. And although this is all just speculation, it is best to wait for the sixth and final season of This Is Us to know for sure what will be happening in the emotional goodbye of the NBC drama.