New Documents on Kanye West’s Lawsuit Explain Why Suing he Rapper Was So Difficult For The Former Manager


Kanye West has been in a lot of trouble lately, saying that he was “beaten to a pulp” due to the loss of several business partners as a result of the fact that he constantly made anti-Semitic comments against the background of other controversial behavior. According to the former business manager, the rapper is also on the hook because of a significant amount of money – an issue that is planned to be settled in court, provided that he can actually be tracked and serviced. The new document describes in detail the attempts to find a potential defendant and why it has become so difficult to sue him.

Thomas St. John, Kanye West’s former senior financial adviser and chief financial officer, is suing the rapper and Yeezy LLC for breach of contract, saying he is owed $4.5 million under an 18-month guaranteed term, The Sun reports. However, according to documents filed on December 19, St. John is seeking an extension of service in the West, apparently due to numerous unsuccessful attempts to find Ye before the scheduled trial date set for April 2023. Ye’s lawyer, as stated in the statement:

We were informed about a new law firm for the defendants, but not about a specific contact person. Subsequently, we learned about information in the news that the law firm named by the new lawyer was not connected with the defendants. Accordingly, we were unable to serve the defendants through their lawyer.

It seems that the law firm that allegedly handles Kanye West’s legal affairs is not actually connected to the controversial icon, so the documents cannot be transferred to him through his lawyer. It is not known whether this applies to Camille Vasquez, the lawyer who became famous for representing Johnny Depp during the libel trial against Amber Heard earlier this year. It is reported that West hired Vasquez in October to conduct his business affairs, but just a few days later it became known that she decided to break off relations with the rapper after he doubled down on his anti-Semitic comments.

In addition to the unknown status of his legal representation, apparently Thomas St. John’s legal team cannot find the current address of Kanye West himself, as court documents also state:

As a rule, we have difficulty confirming Kanye West’s best current address. As for Mr. West, despite our diligent efforts, we have not been able to establish his current residential address and, therefore, have not yet attempted to hand him personal services. Instead, we tried to serve it by mail to several possible addresses.

The Sun reports that attempts were made to serve E at his three California addresses — residences in Hidden Hills, Malibu and Calabasas – at least one of them was returned to the sender. In Kanye West’s recent divorce proceedings with ex-wife Kim Kardashian, the couple’s property was divided between two celebrities, while the reality TV star received 10 residences, including the house she bought across the street from her home in Hidden Hills, four other properties in Hidden Hills and one in Malibu. Among those owned by Ye were properties in Hidden Hills, Malibu and Calabasas, but it was not specified to which address the subpoena was sent.

News that Thomas St. John is struggling to track down Kanye West exploded after a tweet announced that the rapper had been “missing” for weeks. However, Reddit users were quick to refute these rumors by providing photos of the rapper in the church. Perhaps that’s where St. John’s team will have to post to find Ye and officially serve him.


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