New DLC “Battle of Gods” for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


Weeks ago, we had been announced that “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” would have a lot of downloadable content that we could enjoy. This time it has been revealed to us that the first of these is the continuation of Dragon Ball Z, the movie “Battle of Gods” recreated in Kakarot.

Below we will show you several images where we can see that this DLC will contain not only Goku in his transformation from Super Saiyan God, but also Vegeta.

New techniques, a new world to explore (Beerus sama planet) and many new side missions will be available with the inclusion of this wonderful DLC, in which we will face the same god of destruction.

Beerus sama as we know is the god of destruction of universe 7 (universe to which our heroes of the world of Dragon Ball belong), which wakes up from a long dream from where he had a vision in which he would face a Super Saiyan God.

The date of the DLC has not yet been revealed, but with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we think it could be soon.


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