New directors of “Moon Knight” in Marvel: Disney +!


Good news for fans of the Marvel Universe! The “Moon Knight” series arrives next year on Disney + with new directors.

Great news for fans of the Marvel Universe! The “Moon Knight” series hits Disney + next year with new directors.

Are you a Batman fan? The new superhero Marc Spector aka Moon Knight should therefore please you.

At the moment, we don’t have much info on the script yet, but we can already tell you the synopsis of this new Marvel! “The son of a rabbi, Marc Spector grew up with the goal of being a heavyweight boxer and serviceman in the United States Army. Left for dead after a mission in Egypt, he is taken to the temple of Khonsu, God of the Moon, and agrees to become his avatar on Earth: Moon Knight. ”Describes the series thus.

The other good news of the day for Marvel fans? The handsome Oscar Isaac is featured in Moon Knight’s headlining.


Definitely, Marvel is continuing the series at the moment to the delight of FANDOM fans! After the release of “Marvel Studio: The Legends” this month, the prod is already teasing us about its other projects!

Unsurprisingly, superhero fans are thrilled to have a new kid on our screens! The Moon Knight series is not yet for now … Indeed, the prod has communicated on a release in 2022, that is to say in … a year … !!

Moreover, the achievement has grown since the start of the project! Two independent filmmakers will therefore work alongside Mohamed Diab (Clash, Les femmes du bus 678).

Indeed, the duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, have just signed for “a few episodes” of this season! This first Marvel season should therefore have 6 episodes, including 4 planned with Beson and Moorhead.


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