New developments on transparent and wooden displays


Work continues on transparent and wooden screens for the phones of the future. Although the technology of the future excites us all, a lot of scientific work continues in reality. Thanks to the newly developed screen technologies in the background, phones, computers and other electronic devices with digital displays can also develop.

New developments on transparent and wooden displays

While the tech world is currently working to develop flexible glass technology for phones, researcher Junyong Zhu from the Forest Products Laboratory has made significant progress for wood and clear glass with the research team from the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado.

The research team first benefited from balsa wood. In addition to being the base material of balsa wood, it was provided by oxidizing at room temperature to gain a screen appearance and achieve transparency. The tree material that can become transparent has very interesting properties. For example, it is more durable and lighter than normal screen glasses, which makes it logical to use this product as a screen protective glass in the first place.


It is possible to say that the glasses with the wood material developed are suitable for mass production as well as their aforementioned features.

At the same time, it attracts the attention of experts with its low cost. In the statements made on the subject, it is aimed to be used in the construction area in the first place. As a result of the efficiency it will provide, it is anticipated that it can be used in areas such as smart phones and automotive.


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