New Development in Twitter Hack Scandal


Another official statement came about the hacking scandal on Twitter the previous day. In a statement made by Twitter from the Twitter Support account, it was stated that the attackers targeted 130 profiles, but they could only obtain some of them. The social media giant announced that they will take drastic measures to secure the systems.

The following statements were used in the statement:

“We want to share some more specific updates from the second day of our research. We believe that the attackers targeted about 130 accounts. Some of these accounts could be hijacked, and later Tweet sent from these accounts. We are in contact with the hijacked account holders and will stay in touch over the next few days. We continue to evaluate whether the non-public data about these accounts has been compromised, and if we find it to happen, we will provide some updates. ”

“We are Taking Hard Steps”

It was stated that the downloads of Twitter data were disabled in the scope of the research. Finally, the following statements were used in the statement:

“While our research continues, we are taking hard steps to secure our systems. We are still in the process of evaluating the long-term steps we can take and will share more details as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding while investigating this event. We will continue to notify you when updates are available. ”

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