New Details About Google’s AirDrop-Like Technology ‘Nearby Share’ Revealed


New details have emerged about the nearby technologies that Google has been working on for some time, which will run on new Android phones like AirDrop. According to the information revealed, Nearby Share will also be available on desktop computers.

New file sharing technologies, called “ Fast Share ” with its old name, “ Nearby Share ”, which Google has been working on for some time, are eagerly awaited in the Android world and developments are being followed. New information about Nearby Share, which will be similar to the AirDrop feature that is famous for Apple’s ease and accessibility, continues to come.

According to some information that some developers have revealed in Chromium, the software base of the Chrome internet browser, new codes about Nearby Share have been added to Chromium by Google. Although exact details are not yet known, there is strong evidence that Nearby Share can also be used on computers on Chrome.

Google has not yet made an official statement:

Google has yet to make a statement about this topic, and even if codes have been added on Chromium, there is no tangible information or explanation as to whether Google will change its mind about it. If Google really adds the Nearby Share feature to Chrome, it means that; Windows, Linux and especially macOS users will be able to transfer files between Android phones and computers in a very comfortable and simple way.

This new file transfer system, which has been running by Google since the time of Android Beam for many years, is not likely to be seen on smartphones before Android 11. Although there is no trace of Nearby Share in the open beta of Android 11, it is thought that Nearby Share will also be introduced in the full release descriptions of Android 11, which will be done a few months later. Considering that Google generally reserves the innovations it will make on Android today, the surprise Nearby Share statement that will come with Android 11 seems quite possible. When Neabry Share reaches smartphones, Android users will finally be able to experience Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as a file transfer technology that may be equivalent to Apple’s AirDrop technology.


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