New Details About Apple’s Search Engine Revealed


Google pays billions of dollars every year just to be the home page in the Safari browser on Apple devices. However, as the most valuable company in the world with 2 trillion dollars, Apple does not need this money and the pressure on it is increasing day by day. Moreover, this time the findings lead to a more consistent and precise conclusion than ever before: An unfamiliar search engine is coming from Apple.

What made Google one of today’s giant companies was its first product with the same name, the search engine. He has never seen a decent long-term competitor in this regard. Google’s search engine has also maintained its top position thanks to the features it has gained over the years. In addition, the company has paid billions of dollars to be the home page of the Safari browser in all operating systems of Apple, and continues to pay. However, the deal between Google and Apple could end.

The claims that Apple developed a search engine, which we first conveyed to you in 2015, have been rekindled with the details revealed in the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 beta versions. In addition to these details, in June 2020, the UK Competition Authority sees the agreement between Google and Apple as a source of unfair competition, putting pressure on Apple. Companies like Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo are having difficulty entering the market due to the Google and Apple agreement, according to the institution.

According to Reuters, views of unfair competition regarding the agreement between Apple and Google may resonate in all European Union countries. The authorities can then unplug the agreement between Apple and Google. It is also stated that Apple is working on a new formula in order not to be mentioned with unfair competition. Google is “unfair competition” label the unaware, unwilling opponent in front of a company (We saw this very clearly in the Competition Authority process in Turkey).

Recent findings that Apple is developing a search engine:

It continues to recruit engineers to be employed in search engine projects since 2015.
According to Reuters, the company has stepped up its work due to official pressure.
In iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 betas, the results in the Spotlight search app are shown as Siri suggestions, not Google.
In June 2020, Apple made the following changes on its search robot Applebot support page:
How to verify traffic from AppleBot has been announced,
Details of the intermediary platform, including mobile and desktop versions, have been expanded,
New rules on robots.txt standards on websites,
A statement has been added that they not only crawl HTML, but also generate results pages similar to Google.
A section on how search rank is determined has been added.

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All this up-to-date information shows that Apple is approaching the final result in its search engine studies. However, this search engine only functions in Spotlight search for Apple devices for now. Apple can also release a web version that it supports with different features to increase the data it has and make it available to everyone. Because according to the findings of CoyWolf’s Jon Henshaw, AppleBot is currently busy browsing websites.

The main difference between Apple’s search engine and Google:

Google is a search engine focused on showing public information on the internet. However, Apple may also adopt a personalized structure where user data is intertwined. The company could possibly aim to provide tailored services to its customers on its own devices, operating systems, as it always does, rather than directly compete with Google, DuckDuckGo or Bing.

Apple’s search engine can match all personal information of Apple users and display not only public information on the internet, but also personal results on the search page. Thus, it may be possible to make any kind of search in the search engine. However, these are all predictions. We expect more details about Apple’s search engine plans to come out soon.


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