New Contract from FTX to Delight DeFi Investors!


FTX cryptocurrency exchange, which has made a very fast entry into the crypto money and blockchain ecosystem, has launched a unique futures index for DeFi projects that have plunged into the industry very quickly.

In the statement made by FTX, it was stated that a futures contract based on the DeFi project, the top 100 liquidity pool on the decentralized crypto currency exchange Uniswap, has been launched. In a statement on the subject, Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of the Barbuda-based platform, stated that they saw a serious and wide demand for the DeFi sector from the user base.

DeFi Investment Made Easier

The futures index will enable investors to invest in a relatively new area using a traditional cryptocurrency exchange. Although not new in terms of history, access to DeFi products on Uniswap, which is new for many investors in terms of usage and recognition, will thus be easier. Users will also be able to use the leverage option for the investment in question.

Bankman-Fried stated in the continuation of his statement that users can “invest directly in 100 leading markets instead of paying 100 times Gas fees”. Increasing demand for the Uniswap exchange had helped the exchange’s volume in August to a record. It seems inevitable that Uniswap, which managed to beat the July record in the first two weeks of August, will see more demand with this announcement.

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