New Cobra Kai Clip Shows Johnny Lawrence Is A Terrible Uber Driver


On the eve of the premiere of the 5th season of Cobra Kai, the last clip of the new season was filmed, showing that William Zabka’s technologically undeveloped Johnny Lawrence is having a hard time adjusting to the gig economy.

A lot of changes taking place in the karate scene of the San Fernando Valley seem to have left the former Cobra Sensei Kai out of work, which means that he has now started making some money using apps like Uber, Lyft or “that guy named Jimmy John.” seen in the Netflix clip. Throughout the series, Johnny was portrayed as an old-timer stuck in the 80s, due to his lack of experience using social networks, the Internet, or even turning on a computer, which made him the object of many jokes. So now that Miguel is gone, it’s no surprise that no one has taught Sensei Lawrence the basics of driving etiquette.

In the teaser, Johnny drives up to his two racers, and it’s clear that he got off to a bad start by confusing the client’s name, although this is probably the biggest of his violations. Despite the girls’ best efforts to ignore the stink of beer in Johnny Eagle Fang’s battered van, he can’t even fulfill a simple request for a song for Billy Irish, because, of course, Johnny doesn’t stream music and he’s only heard about Billy Idol. . In addition, Sensei Lawrence’s general disregard for the basic rules of the road and customers’ requests to shut up will probably earn him a lot of stars.

While the mystery of how Johnny keeps his cassettes running, or how he even manages to record them, remains a mystery, so does Kai’s trademark Cobra humor. Based on this clip, the new season promises to reveal many of the show’s greatest strengths. However, his days in the ride app business are numbered, and he will definitely have to get back to his karate chops sooner or later.

Keep in mind that Sensei Lawrence has completely lost control of the Cobra Kai name, and Terry Silver is probably using his financial resources to defend his takeover on all fronts. Judging by other teasers, Cobra Kai looks like a pretty sick product. Now, since Johnny won’t last too long in the gig economy, he’s bound to join Daniel LaRusso and Chozen’s cause to save his dojo.

Given that everyone associated with Cobra Kai has hinted at the potential of the show, which will last for several more seasons, putting on that black guy again may prove difficult for Johnny.

The fifth season of the series “Cobra Kai” will be released on Netflix on September 9, 2022.


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