New clues about the development of the next installment


Bridgerton fans are relieved to learn that the series is based on a collection of romance novels, and unlike other literary adaptations, this one is now complete. If all goes well, the world can expect a lot from the show for years to come.

There are eight Bridgerton books in all, one for each brother. Savvy viewers will have noticed that Bridgerton’s children are named in alphabetical order – a small smart device helps keep the children apart.

But the general story of Bridgerton is not told in alphabetical order. It takes place according to the order of marriage, and since the eldest daughter, Daphne, is the first to marry, the novel that focuses on her and Simon’s fraudulent courtship.

That means Bridgerton season 2 onwards won’t focus as much on the Duke and Duchess of Hastings (which is sure to disappoint some viewers).

Instead, it will be Anthony’s turn to try to settle down, as revealed in the season 1 finale. The second book in author Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton collection is called “The Viscount Who Loved Me” and takes place a year later. .

Anthony Bridgerton will launch into the marriage market and quickly decide on a wife. But as often happens, romance is never that simple. “The Viscount Who Loves Me” is an even more Jane Austen-inspired story.

From there, the following fan-favorite books turn Benedict, Colin, and Eloise into leads, so expect Bridgerton to really catch up with possible seasons 3, 4, and 5.

The source material charts a useful course for the Netflix series, but as popular as Bridgerton is, eight seasons is a lot of television and a lot of time. It will be an impressive job if he, the cast and the crew can pull it off.


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