New clue from the mysterious PlayStation 5 game


New details have emerged about the game developed by PlayStation London Studio for PS5 and kept as a secret by Sony.


The PlayStation 5, which was released by Sony last year and had stock problems for a long time, was sold in a scramble manner. On the other hand, PS5 owners complain about the lack of console-specific games. A mysterious game is also being developed for the console, which will have games such as God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon: Forbidden West in the new period. Here are the latest details about this production…

The game developed for PS5 comes from London Studios

In early 2021, rumors emerged that a new game was being developed for PS5 by PlayStation London Studio. Confirming these claims, the London-based game developer, however, avoided giving details about the new production. London Studio, which previously developed games such as A Journey of Discovery, Blood & Truth and VR Worlds, gave clues about this mysterious game developed with a newly published job posting.

PlayStation London Studio

Last March, London Studio co-chairs Tara Saunders and Stuart Whyte announced that they were developing a new game for PS5 and did not provide any information other than that the game has great potential. A small clue about the new game was obtained from a job posting on LinkedIn this week.

London Studio stated that they are looking for a developer for a new project being developed and they want the candidate to have experience in both online and local co-op games. In this sense, it is thought that the game will not be a game that offers a single-player virtual reality experience like Blood & Truth, which was released in 2019. London Studio, whose name is most likely associated with VR games, is turning to a different genre this time.

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