New claim about Zoom has been made!


MEB continues to provide distance education with EBA within the scope of Corona virus measures. However, some provincial, district and school principals threaten teachers and direct them to Zoom application. Teachers who are worried about suppressing additional tuition fees are doing their classes on Zoom. However, the New York Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation against Zoom on the grounds that it violates data privacy.

Are the credentials of students and teachers on Zoom?
many teachers across Turkey, due to the pressure of the live course training manager from the Zoo began teaching program. According to the news of the spokesman, Sultan Uçar, the account information of the teachers and the personal information of the students passed into the hands of Zoom. Again, according to the allegations, some 58.5 dollars were deducted from the accounts of some of the teachers teaching here. The report also said that teachers had no contact outside of this international program.

While the teachers who learned this situation with the bank statement were surprised, it was learned that the identity information of the students could be seized by malicious people.

Urgent meeting call from the Minister!
Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk called 81 Provincial National Education Directors this morning for an emergency meeting. While the Ministry emphasized that there is no agreement with Zoom, it was learned that the administrators who forced the teachers into this system would be followed. In this case, it is said that MEB will open an investigation and a ban on lecturing over Zoom will come.

It constitutes a crime according to the law
Since most of the students are underage, in order to process personal data, it is necessary to be informed in accordance with the 10th article of Law No. 6698. It is obligatory to obtain explicit consent of the parents if there are no other processing conditions specified in the law. However, MEB does not have an official instruction about the Zoom program and teachers invite students to the program as a system administrator constitutes a crime according to the law.

So much so that in case of leakage of personal data, legal responsibility rests on the teacher who enters the system and teaches the lesson. In case of using platforms with data centers abroad, article 9 of the Personal Data Protection Law needs to be revised as data transfer will be in question abroad.