New claim on the future of Galaxy Note series


Rumors that Samsung’s Galaxy Note series might be unplugged had previously been raised. This claim seems to have gained more seriousness after the sharing of two sectoral sources.

According to Max Weinbach’s share, Samsung’s flagship lineup in 2021 will include four S21 models and three Galaxy Z-series devices. It is said that three of these devices will support the S Pen, which is identified with the Note series. It seems very likely that one of the phones in question is the S21 Ultra.

It immediately draws attention that there is no device from the Note series in this share. Samsung’s move to take the S Pen to other series also raises questions about the future of the Note series.

Another famous sensor, Ice Universe, shared that Samsung is not conducting development work for the Note 21 series. These two posts strengthen the possibility that the road is over for one of Samsung’s iconic series.

However, it should be noted that these shares do not have concrete evidence and Samsung may start working for the Galaxy Note series. However, the fact that Z Fold 2 comes out after the Note 20 series this year suggests that a change is planned for 2021 on the Samsung front.


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