New claim about Kim Yong Un! Is he dead?


It is not possible to obtain precise and clear information about the state of health. Even the allegations that he was critical and even died are circulating. We’re talking about North Korean leader Kim Yong Un. The Reuters News Agency recently suggested that health professionals from the Chinese Government have traveled to North Korea.

Health experts from Beijing went to North Korea for Kim Yong Un. The claim belongs to the Reuters News Agency. The agency released a report about Kim Yong Un, whose health status was critical after the heart surgery she had undergone, where contradictory information was circulating. Sources did not reveal their names. He stated the reason as the sensitivity of the subject.

According to the report, a delegation of Chinese health professionals traveled to North Korea on Thursday to make recommendations. Speaking to the agency, the delegation told the delegation that the Chinese Communist Party is headed by a senior member of the International Liaison Office. However, it is stated that the depression in question and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs have not made a statement regarding the issue yet.

South Korean media suggested that Kim Yong Un recovered after a surgical procedure on April 12. He stressed that a source from the country was alive and expected to be released soon.

Speaking to Reuters again, a source reported to be close to US intelligence stated that Kim is known to be ill but is not in a position to be public.

According to the North Korean state media, Kim Jong Un last appeared before the public on April 11. The 36-year-old leader disappeared in 2014 for over a month.


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