New claim for the launch of the Huawei Mate 40 series


Huawei was expected to introduce the Kirin 9000 processor as part of IFA 2020 and to unveil the Mate 40 shortly thereafter. However, neither of these announcements have been made yet. At the Huawei Developer Conference held last week, no concrete information was given about the Mate 40 series. According to recent rumors, Huawei will wait until 2021 to launch its new flagship outside of China.

One of those who brought this claim to the agenda was the famous senser Evan Blass. The Blass post states, “If you are expecting Huawei Mate 40, you will not be able to pick up the phone until next year.” Although Blass’s statement is thought to be for the sale of the phone outside of China, Huawei has not announced a calendar for the introduction of its new phones.

The Mate 30 series was launched in China in late September of last year. Then the phone gradually took its place on the shelves in other countries. The arrival of the Mate 30 series had reached the end of January 2020. Therefore, a similar situation may apply for the Mate 40 series.

The reason for Huawei’s silence regarding the Mate 40 is unknown. As of today, the company will not be able to produce chips for TSMC and supply OLED panels from Samsung or LG. Announcing that it has stocked 10 million chips, Huawei is expected to buy the screen from BOE Display. However, it is stated that the available stocks may only be sufficient to meet the demand in China.

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The possibility of limited global demand is also thought to be effective in this situation. There is no such thing as the Mate 40 series being sold in the USA and India. In Europe, although Huawei’s presence in the networks is discussed, there is no problem with the company’s phone sales. Still, the Chinese manufacturer is said to forecast a 30 percent lower sales for the new Mate series.

The Huawei Mate 40 series is said to be introduced in mid-October and will be launched in China soon. However, Richard Yu, CEO of the company’s consumer electronics business unit, did not answer the question on this issue at the Huawei Developer Conference.


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