New claim for the fate of the Samsung Galaxy Note series


Rumors about the future of the Samsung Galaxy Note series have been on the agenda for the last few months. After the introduction of S Pen support on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, question marks about the series increased a little more. The possibility of S Pen support in Galaxy Z Fold 3 and other phones also reinforces the uncertainty of the Galaxy Note series.

Despite all these allegations, there have been allegations that Samsung could release a Galaxy Note in 2021. A report on the SamMobile site means that neither of these claims are true. “It is difficult for us to release the Galaxy Note in 2021 due to the difficulties in chip supply,” said DJ Koh, co-CEO of Samsung’s mobile unit, at the company’s shareholder meeting. However, it is stated that in 2022 we can release a new Galaxy Note ”.

DJ Koh did not neglect to mention that Samsung’s traditional release timings may change. Members of the Galaxy Note series are usually introduced in August. However, it is said that it is also possible to meet the 2022 model member of the series earlier.

According to the news of SamMobile, DJ Koh said: “Galaxy Note is an important product category for us and has attracted uninterrupted attention from consumers in the global market for the last 10 years. The S Pen user experience is one of Samsung’s greatest efforts in the mobile field. While release timings will change, we won’t disappoint Galaxy Note fans.

Samsung has previously made statements that do not close the door for the Galaxy Note series. It was stated that although the coverage area of ​​the company S Pen has expanded, this does not mean that the Galaxy Note series has been abandoned.