New claim for MediaTek’s upcoming roadmap


MediaTek continues to work for the first 5 nm chip. The company is preparing to announce the Dimensity 1200 and 1100 first on Wednesday. However, these processors are produced with the 6 nm process. According to the roadmap shared by the famous sensor Digital Chat Station, 6 nm chips will be used first by Oppo and Vivo. However, it is worth noting that Redmi managers also share tips in this direction.

MediaTek’s next important announcement is said to be made in the first quarter of next year. It is stated that this chip, which will be produced with 5 nm architecture, will be officially named Dimensity 2000. It is stated that Oppo and Vivo will also use the Dimensity 2000, but Honor will also be one of the buyers of this processor. It is worth noting that Honor V40, which will become official this week, also has a Dimensity 1000+ processor.

Dimensity 2000 will likely be the first processor to use the Dimensity series’ high performance Cortex-X core. The core, which is expected to be named X2, will come together with Cortex-A79 CPU and Mali-G79 GPU cores. It is worth noting that ARM has not officially announced these kernels yet.


The A79 is said to be the Matterhorn core, which is likely to be introduced later this year. It is stated that there will be a small performance increase in the A79 compared to the A78. It is stated that Matterhorn will also have capabilities to detect memory security breaches.

MediaTek has not provided information on the 5 nm chip plans for now. It is wondered whether the company will address this issue at the event to be held on Wednesday.


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