New claim about Samsung Galaxy S21


Samsung’s recently introduced new Galaxy Note 20 series phones do not have a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor in their cameras. The South Korean company is said to continue this preference in the next flagship phone. According to the allegations, the ToF sensor will not be included in the camera system of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

The basis of Samsung’s decision is that there are currently not enough usage scenarios for ToF technology. In addition, it is noted that the indirect TOF technology used by Samsung is less powerful than the direct ToF technology preferred by Apple.

Under Apple’s ToF technology is Sony’s signature. Due to the agreement between Apple and Sony, it does not seem possible for other companies to benefit from this technology for now.

Still, it is stated that Samsung has not completely abandoned this concept. It is stated that the company’s System LSI Business unit is working on a new image sensor to develop indirect ToF technology.

Although it is said that the ToF sensor will not be used in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, it is necessary to approach this issue with caution. It is also possible for Samsung to change its decision according to the dynamics of the market.

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